seemakrish is a San Francisco-based line
of luxurious artisanal textiles for interiors.

Our fabrics are inspired by ancient textile crafts and created using traditional hand made methods, including block print, embroidery, and shibori. We design fabrics that are simple and beautiful, with the mission to enhance the lives of both the users and makers of our products.


Jane Hargrave

Jane is the Design Assistant at seemakrish. After completing a BFA in Printmaking at Penn State, Jane worked in sustainable agriculture and visual merchandising before moving to the Bay Area to pursue textile design.

Fascinated by systems and the intersection of disciplines, Jane loves working for a small design studio, where the job is different every day. In addition to the design and management work she does at seemakrish, Jane maintains a personal art practice, focusing on decorative linoleum carvings inspired by biology and architecture. Jane lives in Oakland, and visits the ocean and forest as often as possible.

Alex Martinez

Alex is a Design Assistant at seemakrish. Starting as an intern for Seema, while while completing BFA in Fine Arts and Textile Design at San Francisco State University, Alex was eager to join the team after graduating.

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Alex loves working in a design studio close to home, surrounded by everything she loves: the city and textiles.

Outside of the design and studio work she does at seemakrish, Alex also does freelance and commissioned illustrations inspired by pop-culture and animation. Alex lives in San Bruno, drinks heavy amount of boba, and can quote every episode of The Office.

Masaki Miyake

Masaki is Operations Manager at seemakrish. Prior to coming into the world of textiles, Masaki worked in Japan at an intergovermental organization created under the UN that monitored tropical timber use throughout the world and at a New York development bank that operates in 18 countries. It was during her time in New York that Masaki’s interest in textiles began to take shape as she took fashion design courses at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Masaki holds a BA in International Business and Economics and a MS in Economic Development & Tourism Management. She is fluent in Spanish (she’s originally from Venezuela) and Japanese. She resides in Boston with her husband and their Cocker Spaniard/Golden Retriever mix, Oscar.