Designed in San Francisco. Handmade by craftspeople in India.
Our design process begins with research and concept development in our SF studio. Each collection is inspired by one or more traditional textile techniques and each pattern is hand drawn with these processes in mind.
Master block makers carve each design into wood blocks for printing. Each block can produce between 500-800 yards of fabric before a new one is carved.
A colorist hand mixes non-toxic dyes made with water based pigments to recreate the colors in our design. Each color is lightbox matched to ensure consistency.
Each pattern consists of one or more blocks, which are printed by master printers who align the repeat using only the trained eye.
Patterns are finished with detailed hand and machine embroidery work.
Our textiles are sourced by interior design professionals for a wide range of decor uses, including upholstery, drapery, pillows and lighting.